Doctoral Advisee wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

I am happy to announce that on March 29th, my first year doctoral student at Penn State, Will Ashley, was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellowship. The program is highly competitive (less than 11% of applicants are awarded) and will guarantee him tuition funding and a... Read more

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Winner of the Schreyer Institute New Faculty Teaching Grant

It was announced the other day that I was one of the winners of the Schreyer Institute New Faculty Teaching Grant. This grant affords faculty the opportunity to purchase materials that can enhance their teaching at Penn State. The Schreyer Institute affords new faculty the opportunity to be... Read more

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Updates Coming soon!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site with my presentations and activities. Be on the lookout in the coming month for updated information, including past presentations and upcoming... Read more

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Penn StitchFest 2014 (16)

Organized the Fall 2014 StitchFest @PennApps

This year, I lead the organizing team for StitchFest. StitchFest ( is a special subhackathon within PennApps, largely considered the largest and premiere collegiate hackathon, with a focus on the Lilypad Arduino to make hardware, wearable and electronic textile hacks.... Read more

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KCRW GamerGate Sept 2014

Featured on KCRW Radio's Press Play with Madeleine Brand

This afternoon, I was featured on Madeleine Brand’s Press Play show on KCRW to discuss sexism, misogyny, and recent negative events directed at female critics and game developers in game culture (known through social media as #GamerGate). The segment also featured an insightful gamer and... Read more

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Presented on Female Supportive Communities at Multiplayer 2 Conference

The second Multi.Player conference occurred in Muenster, Germany from Aug 13-15th, 2014. While there, I presented on the multiple levels of competing expectations for female play in online gaming, and how supportive communities, particularly female gaming communities, can support resiliency and... Read more

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