Virtual Panel at Different Games

Speaking at Different Games on Game Culture Live from PAX East 2014

Last year, I had the pleasure of being a part of the inaugural Different Games Conference, hosted by NYU Poly, where I presented on the intersections of gender and race/ethnicity in game culture. This year, I was able to be a virtual presenter from PAX East, one of the largest player conventions in... Read more

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Awarded Best Graduate Student Paper at AERA 2014

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting is the largest North American conference for educational research.  Several divisions and special interest groups (SIGs) award scholars and papers or posters for outstanding contributions to educational research. This year, I was... Read more

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Teaching High School students Bidirectionally Responsive Design

Outreach for Learner-Directed Making Innovation

This semester, I embarked on teaching a novel curriculum for youth, in an outreach class with the Franklin and Science Leadership Academy…  The class is a natural progression from the original “Physical Computing for Students and Teachers” NSF ITEST program I started back in... Read more

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#Stitchfest 2014

As part of the spring 2014 Penn Apps, the largest collegiate hackathon in the United States, Yasmin Kafai spearheaded an effort to create the Inaugural Stitchfest, where teams competed in designing eTextiles and wearables. As part of the organizing team, Orkan Telhan, Barrie Adleberg, and I helped... Read more

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Scheduled to Present at #DML2014

Excited to be presenting at the Digital Media and Learning Conference this time around.  The organizing team, and the theme this year is especially inspiring (Connecting practices). One of my presentations will make the case for inclusive design across sociocultural and socioeconomic experiences,... Read more

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#HourOfCode Free Library Workshop

Our Hour of Code Workshop at the Central Free Library of Philadelphia involved our “stitch cards,” which introduced individuals young and old to creating a basic circuit, with their own creative twist. Our team (Yasmin Kafai, Orkan Telhan, Barrie Adleberg, myself) came up with the... Read more

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#HourOfCode workshops

#HourOfCode is a call to arms sponsored by and Computer Science Education week.  More importantly, it’s an opportunity to break down barriers of who learns to code, how accessible coding can be, and what constitutes coding.  This week, we at UPenn GSE took it upon ourselves to... Read more

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Stitching Wearable Prototypes

Recently, I embarked on an effort to design a prototype for Interactive Spirithoods, as part of my work here with Yasmin Kafai and Orkan Telhan. Spirithoods were especially fascinating because of their wide appeal across ages, and their potential ability to allow kids to customize their own... Read more

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